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Developer Blog: State of the Zancrunio Game
Updated March 26, 2023

(Note that the Zancrunio web site is still under construction... and has been for at least four years!)

Game Description
Zancrunio is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). It also has an offline mode. Set in the Land of Zancrunio, you control a robotic cube with a smiley face on it, known as a SmileyCube. Choose whether you're on the Blue Team or the Red Team. Fight and defeat MonsterCubes to gain enough experience and strength to eventually defeat the king of the other team! (Oh BTW, the kings are also robotic cubes. In fact, ALL of the characters in this game are robotic cubes! ALL OF THEM! No living beings are depicted in this game.)


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